Why Us

The energy efficient lighting industry has changed. Decision makers and buyers of energy efficient lighting projects expect more expertise, a vast array of services, and a higher degree of professionalism than ever before. Technology advances rapidly, product pricing changes often, and rebates, tax incentives and codes shift constantly. Keeping up with the market takes valuable time and resources. We know. We started out in the turnkey lighting business and spent nearly a decade building out the tools we needed to succeed in a volatile, fast growing industry. Now, we've spun off these services into a new company to support the entire industry.

Introducing Lumigent. Whether you’re already in the lighting retrofit business or want to offer lighting services as a value add to end users or contractors, we’ve got you covered. Our Services + Software model makes growth or entry into this space an investment in process, not personnel. We make your business efficient and scalable. Our audit-to-proposal software is best in class, and our dedicated staff of experts fill any gap in your sales or implementation process. Do what you do well. Let us do the rest.



Specification & Procurement

Our staff of LEED AP and LC Certified technology specialists help you spec and buy vetted, quality lighting and controls products at the best prices.


Logistics & support

Think training, status notifications, execution documents (bill of materials, POs, invoices) & delivery notifications.


Rebate Administration

Find it, manage it, fund it. Anywhere in America, we can handle it.


Dedicated management

You get an expert for any project issues, pricing, product requests, rebates, proposal revisions and the list goes on!


Advanced Learning

Access informal as-you-need-it training, keeping your teams at the cutting edge of energy efficient lighting and controls.


Marketing Services

Supporting your materials development, web presence, branding and more!


Smart Software

Our cloud-based Integrated Project System (IPS) converts your audit data into a sophisticated, comprehensive, easy-to-use proposal.